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About Us

About the Founder

Wilson and Esther Albert created the Foundation of El Elyon to help impoverished and malnourished children in different communities in Haiti turn the tide of poverty through education and with proper health resources.

Wilson Albert is the senior pastor at El Elyon Ministries. He holds a Doctorate in Theology. When first starting out in the ministry, he was a teacher and his passion for education has continued to follow him throughout his life.

Esther Albert is a registered nurse and her passion for healthcare and helping others has translated into the mission that they are pursuing in Haiti to better the lives of those less fortunate.

The Foundation of El Elyon has been consistently involved in missions to Haiti since July 2014. Through their work, they’ve seen immense tragedy – a starving child, a family that has no provisions and children begging for jobs so that they can have money to get something to eat.

After that first trip to Haiti, they decided that it wasn’t enough to simply go once or twice a year. After many more trips and lots of efforts and struggle, the El Elyon Foundation was officially founded in 2016 with the mission to truly create an outreach ministry that will impact the lives of many.

Make A Difference Today

Our Vision

The Foundation of El Elyon will use educational opportunities as an effective strategy to tackle poverty and inequality for children by empowering them to become leaders of change. Our focus is on children between the ages of five and twenty-one in Lascahobas in Haiti. Many children in the rural areas of Lascahobas face disadvantages and their empowerment will have a transformative impact on their lives and communities for generations to come.

Our Team

Wilson and Esther Albert


Phoebee Boubert


Wilsa Augustin


Carline Belizaire


Pierette Guiteau

Fundraising and Social Media Director

John Boubert

Food Services Director